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"In the search for me, I discovered truth. In the search for truth, I discovered love. In the search for love, I discovered God. And in God, I have found everything." Submitted by Madeleine

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Iraq is not part of the war on terror

Did you know that Iraq is not part of the war on terror?  That is what Nancy Pelosi thinks… ‘Iraq not part of war on terror’?

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I love Ann Coulter

Check out this great commentary by Ann Coulter discussing how our courts are making religion illegal. Thou shalt not commit religion

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To Absorb Is Better

by John Burroughs The rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at, but the moment when we are capable of seeing. – Joseph Wood Krutch In the fields and woods more than anything else all … Continue reading

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The full text of President Bush’s Speech June 28, 2005

WASHINGTON — The full text of President Bush’s June 28, 2005, remarks on the war in Iraq: Thank you and good evening. I am pleased to visit Fort Bragg — "Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces." It is … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

How well do you know your spouse?  This is a great little quiz that will give you an indication of the health of your relationship with the one you are dating or with your spouse.  It will also give you … Continue reading

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The Naked Truth about Hillary and Power Politics

Mark my words, Hillary Clinton will be running for president in the next election cycle and she will do everything in her immense power to win.  Here is another example… Ed Klein, author of the explosive new book "The Truth … Continue reading

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Rove is right?

We had some liberal friends over for dinner Saturday evening.  We of course had a great time and we discussed everything under the sun, had a little wine and laughed our rears off. And then came politics.  Everything that the … Continue reading

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I don’t mean to laugh but…

PHOTONETDAILY ‘Jesus’ appears in shower, worth $2,000 Cameras catch ‘Son of God’ around house, images sold on eBay Pittsburgh man claims ‘Jesus’ appeared in his bathroom Is the Son of God making guest appearances in homes across North America? Photos … Continue reading

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Once you support gay marriage, what is next? Polygamy

ACLU defends polygamy Legal group backs ‘freedom of choice’ The president of the American Civil Liberties Union says polygamy is among the "fundamental rights" that her organization will continue to defend. I hate to tell you I told you so, … Continue reading

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