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Lighter Things: American Idol

If you are plugged into the culture at all, you have at least heard of American Idol. Basically they are going through the TV season trying to select the best singer from a very large group of singers.  In our … Continue reading

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Online Classical Christian Education

This morning I was cruising around the Internet and I stumbled across a fantastic educational resource.   It is a site for On-line Classical Christian Education.   You know what the coolest thing is?  For the most part it is free!!!  Now … Continue reading

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Bush and His iPod

So we hear Bush has an iPod!  I can’t believe it, the President is more cool than I am.  Where is this world going? Now keep in mind, I am a software engineer.  I make my living with high-tech stuff, … Continue reading

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Now for Something Completely Different

You have heard the saying, "music calms the animal within", well in that vain in my rushed and hurried world I am purposefully inserting more moments of calm and more moments of beauty. One of the ways I am doing … Continue reading

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