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Singing Gospel is A Lot of Work!

I didn’t know that singing Gospel music could be so much work.  We are preparing for a gospel music concert this coming Friday November 4th.  Hey, I guess that is tomorrow.  Anyway, we have been working very hard on this … Continue reading

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U2, I wish it were Me too….

My really good blogging buddy Well Woman over at Ramble On went to the U2 concert in California Nov. 2nd.  Her fantastic review is here…

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Gospel Music Concert: Fred Steele

Friday, November 4th, 7:00 pm Join us for an evening of music featuring Fred Steele and the SSEFC Worship Choir led by Pastor Patrick Smith.  John Stacknik will speak about urban ministry, followed by dessert and fellowship.  An evening full … Continue reading

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Fred Steele: What a blessing

Last night I got my sox blown off and I was blessed beyond measure.  Let me try to tell you the story. You see, we are having a mission conference at our church in a few weeks.  The organizers of … Continue reading

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Katrina Survivors Tribute

A wonderful tribute to the survivors of Katrina has been written my by Les Lewellyn of the Dixie Lizards.  He wrote the song in honor of all of those affected on the Gulf coast.   He said…. I have friends, family, … Continue reading

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A Huge Switchfoot Fan

If you are not familiar with the hugely successful Christain crossover band Swithfoot,  Broken Masterpieces is doing an awesome review of their latest album Nothing Is Sound.  You can check it out here…

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My Son’s Band

My oldest son came home very excited the other day.  He has gotten himself in with a few guys that have formed a garage band.  They have written four or five songs and now they have recorded their first one.  … Continue reading

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Only The Good Die Young?

The other day I was listening to my local classic rock station. The Billy Joel classic, Only The Good Die Young  came on and of course I was singing along with it.  You know it’s a catchy tune, and I … Continue reading

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American Idol: Bo and Carrie: And then there were two

And then there were two: Last night on American Idol the 3rd to the last contestant Vonzell Solomon was eliminated.  She had the spark, she had the smile, she had the moves but maybe she was just a little too … Continue reading

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Christian Carnival Posts I like…

I am going through this weeks Christian Carnival and I am reading the posts more carefuly.  Some I really like and I want to highlight them here. Diane at BorgardBlog wrote a very interesting bit of fiction "The More Things … Continue reading

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