Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, so here I go with a little song for the occasion…

Happy Birthday to me,
I am forty-three.
I feel a little middle-aged.
And ibuprophen is my best friend.

Hey, how is that? 

I must say some of my thoughts lately have been the first time in my life that I have had middle aged thoughts.  You know thoughts like I’m no longer a teenager or I’m no longer a spring chicken.  Or thoughts like:  Hey, I really appreciate the wisdom that sometimes comes with age.   

I am not feeling a sense of fear or dread about this time in my life, I am more looking forward to this stage as a great adventure.  Just a few more years down the line and there may be a new opportunity for freedom and flexibility that has not been a regular part of our lives for the last few years.

Bring on the adventure.


About waynem

As a Minnesota based photographer and artist I have been greatly influenced by the Upper Midwest. I focus my skills and energies on portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, architectural and fine art work. My best work comes from images first painted in my mind. I mull over a prospective image for weeks or months, seeing it from different angles and perspectives, then finally deciding what to capture. The result is images that deeply touch people's emotions and powerfully evoke memories and dreams. My images are used commercially by companies and organizations ranging from Financial Services firms, mom and pop Ice Cream shops and The Basilica of St Mary to communicate their shared vision and values. Book and magazine publishers have featured my images on their covers. My photographs also grace and enhance the decor of many fine homes.
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8 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Madeleine says:

    Hey Birthday Boy!
    You know what they say, you’re only as old as you feel lol
    I’m not sure some days that’s a good thing though *wink*
    Anyway, you have a great one and hopefully many many more to come!

  2. Fish says:

    Happy Birthday Wayne! I hope it has been a great day!

  3. john says:

    And may there be many more!
    Be encouraged!

  4. Allan says:

    Happy Birthday, Ibuprophin may even get to be a better friend, but I can tell you that the good times are yet to come. Planning and attitude, strength in the Lord, are the keys. I think, kowing a little about you, that you will cruise through the tunnels of time and find much pleasure.
    Happy Birthday, enjoy dinner with your brothers and sisters

  5. Wayne M says:

    Hey Al,
    Thank you so much for that birthday wish.
    I think I would have to agree with you. I can see a little bit of the light of freedom coming.
    I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Have a very Merry Christmas

  6. Night Writer says:

    Happy belated birthday! Where’s the cake?

  7. cwv warrior says:

    Dear Wayne,
    Well, please know you’re birthday is not the only thing i’ve missed! I think I’m about to miss Christmas too! God bless your year of forty-three-dom.
    I pray you find that spark of freedom! ; )
    God is good no matter what He sends our way. Trustin’ in Him.

  8. Lyn says:

    Happy Bday. Mine was the 26th. Great weekend. Have a blessed New Year. lgp

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