Purple Finger Campaign Update

purple finger
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Today is the day of Iraqi elections. Turnout is expected to be huge.

My request for you is to please pray for fair, clean and peaceful elections.

This is the latest shot contributed to the Purple Finger Campaign. Go here… http://www.flickr.com/groups/purplefinger/ to find out more.

You can find even more great information here… http://www.purplefingerforfreedom.org


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6 Responses to Purple Finger Campaign Update

  1. aaron says:

    Purple Finger Insanity – D-Day In Iraq

    Its a beautiful day in Los Angeles. The LA Times is closing their national edition. Doug from Upland over at Free Republic is aggregating photos.
    Michelle Malkin is keeping us current as always. As is Hugh Hewitt.
    Indeed, it see…

  2. Paul Kingery says:

    Dear brother/sister in Christ:
    A revolution is beginning among young Christians. Ariel Sharon and his son Gilead are the two beasts of Revelation who will persecute Christians for believing we will inherit the holy land. Both names are mentioned in the Bible several times. We need to flee our nations and go to prepare in the high desert wilderness of Kurdistan, the site of ancient Nineveh, where God will protect us during a coming cataclysm. A meteor shower from Arcturus will soon bombard the earth and wipe out Israel, rotating the earth, raising sea levels, shaking the earth. The U.S. will become a hot desert. We will go to Jerusalem, but others will not be able to. Then Jesus will return in the flesh to Jerusalem for at least 40 days. We will have a feast in Jerusalem. We will see his 144,000 resurrected martyrs. A new Christian nation will be formed in the holy land, and last for a thousand years. Jesus will be the king over it, ruling from heaven. I’m sending you a link my new book which is offered free online. It is a scholarly publication 500 pages long but easy to read. It is not from any particular religious persuasion, and urges all Christians to unite and prepare for Jesus. Please send this to your Christian friends, and link to this site from your web site: http://landofcanaan.info/
    Paul M. Kingery, PhD, MPH

  3. Wayne M says:

    Um, my wife and I ate at a Kurdish restaurant this past weekend. Does that count for preparing “in the high desert wilderness of Kurdistan”?
    I think you are wise to be watching but….

  4. Jeff A. McCarthur, MD, PhD, MPH, JD says:

    are you nuts? Try devoting your time to things that matter, like love, peace, and faith.
    Wow. I don’t know what to say.

  5. Wayne M says:

    I’m totally impressed by all the letters after your name that I am silenced…. Not!!!
    Obviously you have missed all the discussion about the recent trip to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding effort.
    Maybe you should know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. Your are embarrassing yourself.

  6. symbals says:

    The Christian community in Iraq currently faces possible extinction as a result of religious persecution and ongoing national instability. Men, women and children are not just caught in the crossfire; they are targeted by Islamic extremists because of their Christian faith. As a result of persecution, approximately 400,000 of Iraqi Christians have fled the country since 2003. Most of those who remain in Iraq are internally displaced.
    Working to turn the tide, Christian Solidarity International, with the support of many other organizations, launched Save Iraqi Christians—a movement advocating for greater action against the crisis facing Christians in Iraq.
    With your help, Save Iraqi Christians can be a powerful catalyst to ensure displaced Christians and other non-Muslim minorities are able to return to their homeland and live and practice their faith in peace. You can help put an end to the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities by:
    Encouraging your blog readers to lobby U.S. government leaders and the United Nations to take action
    Linking to a petition http://www.helpiraqichristians.com/pages.asp?pageid=70865 that encourages the U.S. government and United Nations to act
    Devoting a post to the topic of religious persecution in Iraq and the movement to Save Iraqi Christians
    Promoting the petition and the cause through your other online forums such as a Facebook. (Please join our Facebook group called “Save Iraqi Christians”)
    Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide you in order to help expose the situation of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq.

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