Not Black Enough

In a liberal world where race is everything (well, second behind power), it appears that a person can be "Not Black Enough."   Meaning of course, you don’t think like you are supposed to think.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas fits into this mold.  I guess the world of diversity and open mindedness does not include thinking like a conservative.

Link: Blacks condemn paper’s Thomas editorial.

Members of a coalition of black leaders condemned a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial asserting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should have an "asterisk" next to his name with regard to his race because he "does not represent the views of mainstream black America."

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8 Responses to Not Black Enough

  1. notArighty says:

    “I guess the world of diversity and open mindedness does not include thinking like a conservative”..
    you just circled completely around to make one beleive that you are indeed not open-minded — because they disagree, they must not be open-minded. What a complete crock.

  2. BlackSupremist says:

    Mr. notArighty–
    You’ve missed the sarcasm. Let me spell it out for you.
    Liberals supposedly believe in diversity and open mindedness. But these black leaders criticize Thomas because his views are DIFFERENT. He’s a conservative who doesn’t blame whites for the woes of the black community.
    Thus, the sarcasm highlights the intolerance of the LEADERSHIP of the black community toward any worldview that differs from their radical belief that racism is THE cause of black poverty, black crime, black teenage pregnancy, etc. There’s a real reluctance on the part of black leadership to take a critical look at non-racist causes of these social problems, with the exception of black leaders like Bill Cosby, Clarence Thomas, etc. But then Cosby and Thomas are caricatured as Uncle Toms.

  3. Wayne M says:

    lol, thank you for the clarification… Maybe I should have you write for me.
    Thank you.

  4. notARighty says:

    Oh, I did not miss the sarcasm, or the message. The same old tired right wing messages about blacks:
    1. The Black leaderships “radical belief” that racism is THE cause of their problems is wrong.
    2. This leadership labels any black person who disagrees with this “radical belief” as uncle toms.
    Hence, racism is not the problem. Blacks are the problem. How convenient.

  5. notALeftie says:

    Mr. notARighty,
    Oh please…you’re one to talk about hackneyed arguments. If anything is convenient, it’s blaming someone else for your problems.
    And no one is blaming blacks. The ideology that sees racism everywhere is the problem, and that’s an ideology that both white and black lefties suffer from.

  6. notARighty says:

    The article says whites are not to blame for the woes of the black community. The black community is to blame. It says any criticism of someone who differs with this opinion is intolerent. Talk about an hackneyed argument.

  7. Philip says:

    It’s very simple. If you look at the depth of troubls facing the black sommunity and blame it all (or even half) on racism, you aren’t using logic. Numerous ethnic groups have suffered in America and started out with greater disadvantages than the American-specific black community, and they much fewer issues.
    Also, if you compare the statistics of literal African Americas (those who immigrated from the African continent) and Caribbean Americans, you will find economic level and crime rates more on par with the national average (and often much better). Yet racism doesn’t somehow skip these very “black” people.
    Face it NotArighty and the rest of you…people like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice represent what black Americans are capable of when not being dragged down by their own peers and so-called leaders.

  8. Wayne M says:

    Good thoughts Philip…

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