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Here’s a story you will not see from the mainstream media regarding the problems with the recovery from the tsunami.

Millions die needlessly each year because of the ban on DDT.  It appears many more will die soon because of an expected outbreak of malaria in the countries devasted by malaria.

Dennis Prager brought this up almost immediately after news of the disaster.  The link below provides a good analysis from Frontpagemag.com.  If anyone has any counter information to that presented by Frontpagmag.com, I’m all ears and would like to read what you have.  It appears to me the mind set of those who made the decision to ban the use of DDT is much like those who used lack of scientific proof to come up with the second hand smoke theory.

If you think environmental policies don’t have consequences and that those making these important decisions always have the best of intentions, perhaps you will think again…unless of course you are part of the population control crowd and want to see a thinning of the ranks so to speak.

So if we really want to help the poor suffering people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc, should we not immediately spray DDT?

Decisions have consequences and environmental decisions may have tremendous consequences.  Please keep that in mind the next time you hear some great environmental idea to save a bird, a mouse, or some species of fish etc…


John Murphy


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