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03/24/2005: "What Jeb Bush Auta Do"

March 24, 2005, 8:14 a.m.
The Right to Life
Protecting one woman.

By William J. Bennett & Brian T. Kennedy
Terry Schiavo is near death. If actions are to be taken to save her life, they must be taken now.

Let us briefly review the relevant facts: Terri is a human being whose physical condition is in dispute, but perhaps not for long. She is the daughter of loving parents, and she has a brother and sister. She is the wife of a man who once loved her, may still love her, but has taken a new woman and has with her two children. It is his duty under Florida law, and by common sense, to be her guardian.

William J. Bennett & Brian T. Kennedy on Terri Schiavo on National Review Online

Replies: 4 Comments

From Maureen Dowd, in the NYTimes:

Mr. DeLay moved yesterday to file a friend of the court brief with the Supreme Court asking that Ms. Schiavo's feeding tube be restored while the federal court is deciding what to do. But as he exploits this one sad case, Mr. DeLay has voted to slash Medicaid by $15 billion, denying money to care for poor people in nursing homes, some on feeding tubes.

Mr. DeLay made his personal stake clear at a conference last Friday organized by the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group. He said that God had brought Terri Schiavo's struggle to the forefront "to help elevate the visibility of what's going on in America." He defined that as "attacks against the conservative movement, against me and against many others."

So it's not about her crisis at all. It's about his crisis.

Relevant Facts said @ 03/24/2005 09:27 AM CST

I do not understand the connection.
Please explain your reasoning?

Q and A Blogger said @ 03/24/2005 09:38 AM CST

It is not a crisis about Terri, it is about politics. Now they want Jeb Bush to risk impeachment in order to "save" her. In effect, they are suggesting a coup, suggesting the governor usurp the constitution, and against the orders of the judicial branch, take unilateral action. Make no mistake, this is not about religion, it is about politics, and religion being used for a political agenda. After all, would there be poltiical benefits to be had for Jeb Bush to do that? Duh. Yes. If he does that, however, what is there to stop the executive branch from breaking any aspect whatsoever of the constitution? Can you say "Kristallnacht"?

Reasoning said @ 03/24/2005 12:58 PM CST

Of course there is politics involved. He is a politician, there is always politics involved, but that does not rule out religion being involved also. It is not an "either or" it can be a "both and" situation. Also, remember many think the judiciary has already overstepped their bounds so some would say it is appropriate to keep them in check. Remember government is made up of three bodies, executive, legislative and judicial, they are all needed in a “checks and balance” system and none are perfect.

The Florida judiciary was order by a law passed by the US Congress and signed by the President to rehear the evidence of the case and the court just flatly said no. Is that political?

Also keep in mind, this Schiavo stuff did not start at the Governors office, it started as a grassroots operation. There have been many people working on this for several years now.

Finally, what political gain can there be for Bush to be impeached?

Q and A Blogger said @ 03/24/2005 02:15 PM CST

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